Steph Eidse

an Extroverted Introvert happily residing in Brisbane, Australia.

An adventurous spirit bubbles away underneath my skin – pushing me toward that experience most people never try. Whether it’s driving across the country to see that place, cutting off my hair to try that thing, or forgiving that person to mend a broken relationship.

Running toward the unknown led me to a career path I can’t wait to begin. As you read this, my stomach is filled with butterflies – this is my greatest adventure to date.

Canadian born and raised means I’m the first to say sorry to the person who bumps into me. And I’m always up for a cold beer.

Concept Development
Adobe Suite

A little bit of EVERYTHING

The more I learn the less I know! I've dipped my toes into the sea of communication and I'm eager to see how deep it all goes.

I can dream up the most beautiful or outrageous ideas in the world, but it takes a team of people to make the dream a reality. I'd love to join your team or hear what project you've been working on! Let's do something together!