Sleeping Beauty

"People want both reality and fantasy all in one"

Luv Bridal was doing a fairytale princess campaign, requiring images that combine reality with fantasy. The model was to be photographed in studio with controlled lighting while the backdrop was to be photographed on location with natural light. Using Photoshop, I was able to bring together the two scenes creating a single image where reality meets fantasy.



About the process.

1. It began with a clever idea that looked good on paper. It ended with 68 Photoshop layers and a wheezing laptop (or maybe that was me).
2. The location had to be picked at the right time of day – not too shaded, not too bright – 6:15am was perfect. The backdrop was flat yet interesting (but not more interesting than the model)
3. Things came together when I found the perfect model (or was she an actual princess?).